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Blueish Grey & White Star

Blueish Grey & White Star

Facemask with flexible noseband & soft elastic. Handcrafted in Market Harborough
  • Caring for your mask

    Each facemask contains a flexible metal noseband to reduce fogging. Carefully mould the metal band over your nose to fit. It is best not to flex the metal repeatedly as it will eventually break. I have had my own masks for ages with no breakages as once they are in the right shape I leave them as they are. My masks are washable but it is best to hand wash them carefully and hang out to dry. Customers have said they have successfully machine washed them but due to the metal band it is not advisable - its a bit like putting a bra in the wash with an underwire. If it escapes and breaks your machine I can not accept any liability for this 

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